Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Date for 2

We having a date for dinner for 2 because Hub Ben is working till late and going out. So we choose to have our fav! Raman and Sabu Sabu! Hehe

Friday, April 29, 2016

Having Fun @ Digger Site

Have seen Facebook Posting on " Digger Site " Thinking is fun and something really new , As Kids will be able to try to operate those Machines that u can see in the Construction Site. So We decided to bring him on one of the weekend. He is super excited! He keep say mummy next time we go back again ok? Haha.



Family Mini Celebration

We Had a Mini Celebration for Benson 6th Birthday! Just a simple dinner and some dessert. With Love ones. 

Benson's 6th Birthday!

This is a very outdated post and really feeling bad about it =/ As work has been too much, Too tired. Well Here it goes.

Benson requested Strawberry shortcake for his school celebration =) And he asked what mummy is gonna buy for his friends. We went daiso to buy some portable water bags. Like a water bottle, Is more compact type of bottle.

Couldn't imagine how time flies, From Birth till now, It feels like a zoom, I really miss all the part of growing up together with him, But i blame myself that did treasure as much as i should, I took it for granted. That's why now i learned to treasure and spending more time with him. 

My Little Darling Boy ,

We Wish u Happy Birthday & We Love u very much. Stay Happy And Cheerful. May U enjoy life to the fullness !

Grading For Yellow Belt

Benson is ready for grading for Yellow Belt, We asked if he knows what to do during the test, He still will show us how he kick, But sadly we couldn't get to see how he take his test as parents is not allowed to go to the second floor to see, So me and hub can only sit and wait and hoping for the Best!

Benson has some fav egg prata before test! Hehe

Friday, February 26, 2016

Mummy Birthday!

Mummy Birthday is near Valentine! , We brought Family to have a simple Zhi Char dinner downstairs and Bought a cake to cut! Just simple but feeling very happy, Hope mum love it.

Chinese New Year 2016 - Year of Monkey

This year Cny frankly is the most relaxing one because didn't go too many places for visit, And also telling ourself to slow down a little, Another reason is because Daddy Leg is painful and hard to walk around. So he have skip going to God grandpa there, My Sister went for his behalf. And even Ah yi place too, So Day 1 is only My side in the Morning And Afternoon will be my in law place.

New year is all about food, gathering and of cos kids having fun collection Ang Bao =)
This year Ang Bao Money for Benson we decided to save it under POSB instead of OCBC, As we find it easier to locate cash deposit machine next time if we wanna bank some money in for his saving.

School Celebration

Steamboat Feast! My Fav

The one who busy in the kitchen and prepare all the foodie! Love ya granny
Lo Hei at In Law place
Usual Night preparation of ang bao for next day
I got my Very first ang bao from hub after so many years!
First Family Photo on CNY Day 1
Happy Boy!

Meet Up with Stella!

Photo Taken by Benson! Is so blur! Haha