Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Little Baker!

Benson love helping out in the kitchen, To be honest mummy baking is lousy, Haha thats why ready mix brownie flour is best for noob like me! Benson have lots of fun mixing all together.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Benson First Dental Appoiment

I feel is time to bring Benson to Dental , Last time I feel he is too young for it. But now I think is time to Start having regular cleaning. Hahaha Maybe because My teeth is ugly, I hope my boy one is better than mine. Haha. Few days before appointment, We have talk about it. Say what to expect during checking and what it will feels like. Benson is very ready for it! So here we go.

While Waiting for his Turn =D
Getting handsome when having his teeth cleaned!

Dentist letting him see what he is doing inside his mouth

Just wanna be Mum!

When 2016 started, I learned lots of stuff and reminded myself lots of stuff too, Example, To let go of work during MC, Let go of work during On Leave. Not to get Flare up on little stuff. As I always reminded myself that I'm Not GOD. I cannot solve every single stuff. As in work I can always let my colleague who is willing to help me when I'm on leave or sick. I have learned. To love myself and Treasure my time spending with my boy too. I used to work alot when I'm on leave, When I'm off duty, after work timing when I'm suppose to spend more time with my boy. I reflected one day. And tell myself is enough and is very unfair to Benson. So I stopped totally!

After P1 Orientation, While we still have some time together, While waiting for hub to off work. I decided to bring Benson out for some fun, We went to Pororo Park! Indoor playground which Benson been telling me he wanted to go =D He is damm happy la! And I of cos wanted to be not a working mummy, But is MUM! I diverted my calls to my colleague. No logging in email, no picking up calls. We enjoyed our day so much!

P1 Journey =)

So We have come to this stage of enrollment for Benson P1, Nervously waiting for result and Etc, Is super new to us. I'm Sure all Parents who first time enrolling their kids are also having lots of unsure. We have read up lots of info on MOE web, But till lots of question in our head, Lots of document to prepare. But We are so blur that we thinking Photocopy copy of  Birth Cert and other document should be ok. But we are wrong! Haha Hub went back to get the original copy.

I'm Amazed that Enrollment is so fast! Then One thing comes another, After knowing that getting into schools, We get letters and start to prepare buying books, uniform, Then come enrollment of Student care! That is the one that worry us the most. As u know we are both working parents now. Actually I felt nowadays kids is very Ke Lian lei... After school still need student care. And even now he is K2, Is childcare, From 8am to 6pm. Which is a long long time. To be frank i have alot of guilt about this. I felt very sorry that Benson have to went thru this like many other kids now. =( But we don't really have much choice. Now if i don't work hard, i might not be able to have the chance to get back to work life anymore. as u know that being a stay home mum for past 4 years, is already a challenge to find a job. I cannot imagine if I stay home for 6-7 Years. Is gonna be even harder. That's what all parents are facing right now. And the Struggle for working Mom is never easy. Ok back to track on P1

Then comes to Orientation for P1, Daddy Ben wanna come too, But he don't really have much choice as he couldn't take any leave. So we went early morning. Get seated at the Hall, and after a while Teacher bring them to classroom for some mini get to know each other games, While all parents stayed at hall to listen to all the information and rules when the term start. All stuff is like damm fast! From Enrollment, Purchase of books, Enroll student care to Orientation! Now is already beginning of Dec, He will start the term on Beginning of Jan! ARgh! If u asked me if I'm ready for my baby to grow up? My answer will always be NO! Is too fast! I don't know if I able to let go sometimes. So many worries, So many unsure. But I believe our Boy will brave up and enjoy the growing journey. U will always be Mummy Lovely Boy!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Soccer Fever

Sooooo, Kids are all flicker minded isnt it? He First learn swimming because mummy wanted him to know at least the basic to swim, for safety purpose. Second He said he wanted to learn taekwondo, Then he said he wanna quit, I support that. Due to the Class is on Weekdays, Every Monday at 8pm Which I think is kinda late, Because by the time he finished is already 9.30pm. His usual Bed time is at 10pm. So Monday is always a late night. And he is always tired on Tuesday. And to be very honest I don't really like the way of coaching. So quite unprofessional. And is like mix of all colour belt. Most of the time is wasted as they need to coach all different group. Not much focus. So I also quite ok for him to quit. Frankly the course is quite cheap. Per Term is only $30. So I can't complain much too.

Kids is always good to explore in many forms. Be it academic or in sports. I love them going sport is because instead of staring on tv, ipad, games! Kids should be running around. social with other kids. And of course enjoy what they do.

Our Place RC have a new class! Which is Soccer. We have been waiting for quite a while, before they have it in RC, I did some re search on those Private Soccer Club Lesson. Is way too ex! Every month is $380 which is a nono. So This came at the right time! Per month lesson fee is $80 which is very reasonable. So far Benson enjoyed his lesson. Only some distractions here and there but overall he enjoys the running around with his frens. And Daddy Ben is supportive to as He is Man Utd Supporter!Finger Cross and We Hope this last!

And We are Happy and Glad that we have the chance to be able to Join Football Fiesta! Which is held in Singapore Indoor Stadium. Some Friendly Match is going on, With Soccer Club from all over Singapore! Is a eye opener for all of us. As We usually never get a chance to go into Singapore Indoor Stadium! 

Daddy Birthday 2016 !

Benson said that wanna do a Diy Cake for Daddy Birthday! So here we go. Bring him to Nex to do a Diy Cake.. He is damm excited as he always love to see me cook and help out in Kitchen , But when He asked me to bake i always reject him, reason is because Mummy is a really lousy baker. No matter how hard i try and also how many Youtube i watch. Haha The only bake stuff that I'm please is Pineapple tart. But hand will still be damm oily even after washing with many kinds of soap. And house will smell of butter for the next few days. And I will smell like one too. =D

Damm Excited!

Waiting for the Jie Jie to bring him the plain cake!

Why so long de? Haha

Simple Diy Kit With full of excitement
Did u see the rainbow? 

Colorful and Beautiful Cake with lots of Love <3 td="">

Granny Birthday Gathering 2016!

This Blog have been cold for a few months, Last update was April 2016. It has been a really busy busy life struggling with work and daily life's. We had a Steamboat Gathering and Celebration at Aunty house. The kids had a good swim downstairs.

When cake cutting session, LOL All kids are the same ya! Thinking is their own birthday and joining in every details , Singing to Cake cutting, all is with Benson in it! haha.